Alzheimer Nederland

Alzheimer Nederland is a non-profit focused on providing information about the disease and raising money for research purposes. Our goal was to increase their donation amount.

During my internship at Gradient, I was asked to be the Lead on this project where I had two Growth Marketers and one Data Analyst in my team. I gave workshops, did UX Research, UX/UI Design, Usability tests and all the communication with the client.



For Alzheimer Nederland, I was asked after being on the project for only a month to take the role of Value Delivery Lead. This meant that I was at the end responsible for all de Deliverables and communication with the client.


Co-Creation | Lo-fi

Kick-off for the project by doing a co-creation workshop with our client, which functioned as a solid framework for the rest of the project. We started with organizing the business & user needs, grouped and prioritized them. After that, I gave a presentation on sketching lo-fi wireframes and how to incorporate behavioral design. 

Lo-Fi to Medium Wireframes 

After the co-creation session, I made the lo-fi designs digital and improved and iterated them until medium-fidelity wireframes and supplied them with annotations. 

Co-Creation | Hi-Fi

In the second co-creation session, we discussed the wireframes and the feedback Alzheimer provided. So we could finalize our decisions for the flow and structure of the designs before moving onto the visual design. 

After agreeing on this we worked on the content and copy, with behavioral design as a guide. I’ve also educated them about usability tests and why they should incorporate this as well, which they did after my recommendations. 

Visual design 

The visual design is based on their style guide and branding. I focussed on the responsive design where at all times the donation widget would be the center of attention. I’ve iterated the designs after gaining insights from the usability tests.

Prototype & Usability tests

For the visual designs, I made multiple (responsive) prototypes for the usability test but also for communicating the designs with the development. 

After making these prototypes I conducted multiple Usability Tests with my target audiance. Because context is important as well I’ve visited them at home and set up my testing environment there. 

The insights I gained from this I analyzed and structured, and iterated the designs based on this. To make sure the final designs will be user-friendly.


Increase the usability of the donation flow & the donation amounts.


Alzheimer Nederland (during internship @ Gradient)

What I Did

UX Research, UX/UI Design, Pressure Cooker workshops & usability testing

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