Design Across Borders 

I participated in an international project with students from KEA, Copenhagen. The project was about cycling in Amsterdam and Copenhagen. Two cities who battle for the title cycle city of the year. We needed to create a way to make our client experience the feelings of the target group in the city.



For this group project, we did an exchange with students from KEA Copenhagen. About cycling in both Amsterdam and Copenhagen and the difficulties that occur. We were given the task to make an immersive product that would explain this experience to urban planners at the VeloCity event.

We came up with a concept in which we showed the problems while cycling in both cities for locals and tourist. Who, most of the times, are annoyed by each other.

The interface was an interactive video website where the users are presented with different dangerous scenarios from a first-person point of view. They can switch between, the local and the tourist point of view, simply by pressing the spacebar. Straightforward and easy to understand comparison of the cycling experience for tourist and the local. It focusses on how cycling feels in Copenhagen and Amsterdam and at the time is more immersive for the client.

Final result

My part in this team project was mainly focused on research, concept, and interaction. First, both sides of the teams did research about cycling in their own city, in my case Amsterdam. And later exchanged these insights while meeting for the first time in Amsterdam as a team. We discussed these insights and did some more research before we came up with the first version of our concept.

Next, we made the first prototype and did multiple usability tests and with the insights, we found some missing elements and changed the concept bit by bit until we came up with our final product.

Which we made fully working on the web in a VR and Web environment. During the development of the final product, I focused on the interaction between the user and the product.


Immersive cycling experience for urban planners.


VeloCity, urban planners. (University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam)

What I Did

Research, Concept & Interaction