Maag Darm Lever Stichting 

MLDS is a non-profit organization which focusses on the stomach, liver & bowel . They noticed a decrease in total donations so Gradient was asked to optimize their donation page.

As an intern, I participated in the MLDS team by helping with the UX Research & Design in a multidisciplinary team consisting out of Growth Marketers and Data Analysts



As stated above MLDS is a non-profit with a decrease in its amount of donations. Gradient already did some UX research on their target audience and found many insights regarding different types of motivations. There was also a lot of data available from their behavior on the website itself. I worked on two projects for MLDS, their homepage, and the donation page. Both with the main goal of increasing their amount of donations. 



Desk research, Literature studies & Best Practices

I did an analysis of their current state which I compared to some of the best practices around and made notes of usable design patterns. I’ve also researched the opportunities of using behavioral design to incorporate in the donation flow. 

Wireframing Donation flow 

After getting some knowledge around their brand, communication, website and gaining inspiration from other websites and patterns I started to redesign their donation flow. I focussed on the lo-fidelity flow and structure of the donation flow. 

Visual design  

A Senior designer started created high fidelity wireframes from my low fidelity ones, but during this process, I accompanied him and supplied feedback. Where in the end I needed to take over the design process due to the designer going on a holiday. 


Desk research, competitive analysis & design patterns

Based on the insights I gained from my research for the donation page I figured out the best practices and incorporated the donation flow with the homepage as the start of their journey. I’ve used many behavioral design principles to guide the target audience to the donation page, but also to shift the view many of the visitors had about the brand MLDS. It was seen as an informational website about diseases not as a nonprofit which uses the money to cure diseases and invest in research. 


Based on the research stated above I started to redesign their homepage. I created multiple variants with the different behavior, motivations, and needs of the target audience in mind. By using the insights I was able to combine this with behavioral design into truly create a user-centered design. I’ve presented all the wireframes to the client and discussed the feedback. 

Visual design 

After using the feedback to iterate my designs I created the visual designs based on the first lo-fidelity wireframes. I worked closely with the senior designer who provided me with feedback. 


Optimized the dontion page & the design flow for MLDS to increase the total amount of donations.


Maag Darm Lever  Stichting  (during  internship @ Gradient)

What I Did

UX Research, Concept, Behavioural Design, UX/UI Design & Usability Testing

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