Plant Based Athletes

Plant Based Athletes is a platform for people who want to change or improve their lifestyle.

As Co-Founder & Chief digital I mainly work on designing and building the platform for our users. Which we are currently working on. I combine UX Research insights with behavioural design aspects to improve the UX but also by nudging the users into a more healthy and sustainable lifestyle.



By educating and coaching our customers into a plant-based diet in combination with exercising, we help them achieve the change / improvement they are looking for.

Our vision is to create a healthy, happy and harmonious population. By empowering people who are interested in a plant-based lifestyle, advising them in their food choices and support and coach them during this transition. We want to create an open and supportive culture and make a community of plant-based athletes. So we can all make this world a better place, by doing it together.

I’ve build the first MVP for our Pilot group 2019, afterwards I started doing my UX Research. The research is still ongoing and the insights I gain are used to improve our first MVP and built the 2.0 version for our new Pilot group of 2020.

After the second pilot group I will wrap up the UX Research and start with creating the actual Platform / Coaching App for iOS and Android.


The platform and coaching focusses on 4 key elements:


Awareness is the first step for change


Exercise plays an essential part in a healthy lifestyle.


Nutrition is a very important component for achieving your desired result.


Relaxation is just as important as exercise.


Building the membership platform / Creative Director of all digital outlets.


Plant Based Athletes (Self-employed)

What I am doing 

UX Research, UX/UI Design, Concept Development

| Creative Director, Co-Founder & Chief Digital |

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