Skyline Stories

A reading website with short stories to read while traveling. Commisioned by a transportation company, in my case Transavia.



During the WEB project I did for my study, we were given a case to create a website with short stories, which are each uniquely styled for people to read while they are traveling. The website should be designed based on the corporate identity of the client. We had to choose out of four possible clients and my choice fell for Transavia after the lead designer gave a lecture about their new corporate identity. We were asked to design the interaction, apply the corporate identity and design a few of the uniquely styled stories. Next, we had to develop our design into a multi-device (responsive) website. My concept, skyline stories, uses the location of the user to change the background to give a more personal feeling as if the website is traveling with you.

Final result

I started off by analyzing the corporate identity of Transavia and created a style guide and a mood board. Then I did some more research on readability and Design patterns. Next, I used these insights to start by sketching lo-fi designs of the home page of the website. After testing and more sketching, I turned these lo-fi sketches into hi-fi wireframes and added the interaction. Finally, I made a Multi-device Wireflow to give a clear vision of how the website should work. I made a prototype of my designs in HTML/CSS/JS in which I added the corporate identity of Transavia into my design. To finalize my project I designed three uniquely styled stories and made these interactive in my prototype.


A reading website with custom stories for a Transportation company.


Transavia (University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam)

What I Did

UX, UI & Front-end