“SmartSticker is an offline gateway to your online brand, campaign or loyalty communication.”

I worked on the SmartSticker project first as an intern, and later as concept developer, I led the project for WT interactive. I turned it from a basic concept into a full end product.



SmartSticker is an offline gateway to your online brand, campaign or loyalty communication. Use SmartSticker to create a direct call to action and add a positive association to your brand. You will have full insight into the results. SmartSticker works with QR code to ensure a seamless interaction with all your customers.

The product is a project of WT interactive which specializes in interactive concepts where I did my internship and later started working as a freelancer. Taking the lead of the SmartSticker project.

I developed it from concept phase until a turnkey product and made side products such as the website, pagers, and designs as well.

Final result

For the SmartSticker project, I started off by doing research and pilot cases at BP. To find out what possibilities we had with the SmartSticker and what kind of results we could expect. During this concept phase, I started to redesign the product and after multiple pilot cases and testing rounds it ended up being a turnkey product.

After turning it into a turnkey product I did multiple cases for which I each needed to make a design for the SmartSticker as well for the online environment. Both I designed by myself. The online coupon and information pages with the timers I coded as well.

Besides turning the concept into a product I also worked on the website for the project. I designed a one-page website with all the important information and cases. I did research on the latest design trends and looked up how a technological product website should look like. Next, I created a moodboard and started sketching wireframes. Finally, I coded the website by myself in HTML / CSS / JS. Which can be viewed here:


Developed SmartSticker from concept until a turnkey product & a website for this product.


Main: WT Interactive

Other: IKEA, STACH, BP, Q&A, Beethovenstraat, VALK Solutions

What I Did

Research, Concept, UX, UI, Front-End Development

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