Terberg Leasing

For Terberg Leasing I helped with reorganizing the flow, navigation, and usability of their website. They have separate websites for similar products. We combined the websites into one overview.

I also helped with setting up a UX Research for their customers. Where I interviewed the target audience and structured insights gained from the interview. And finally created a customer journey map.



Terberg leasing has two leasing propositions who aim at Freelancers and SMB

They are struggling to get these new propositions on the market and asked Gradient (internship) for researching this. We’ve found out most of this is because of the structure and flow of the website. But also within their target audiance there are a lot of differences regarding motivation.


Freelancers proposition

Competitive Analysis

I conducted a competitive analysis on competitors in the Netherlands and abroad. I looked at the flow and structure and how we could use their ways of structure and flow to improve the designs of Terberg. 

Wireframing & Workshop 

I’ve developed medium-fidelity wireframes based on the lo-fi sketches I made with the Terberg Team. From these wireframes, I also created a wired flow.  

In the workshop we presented the new design and flow, we discussed all the issues and iterated the designs. 

Visual design & Prototype

First I finalized the wireframes by making them visual (high fidelity) and from these new wireframes, I created a prototype. Which I presented to the client. 

Card sorting

From our UX Research, we got the insights that the navigation and Information Architecture was not right for the target audience. That’s why we decided to do card sorting sessions with our target audience and redesign the navigation based on this. 

SMB Proposition

Rapid prototyping 

Together with the client I helped organized a rapid prototyping session to redesign their homepage. We started with structuring the business and user needs, gained from previous research, grouped and prioritized them. We talked about behavioral design and assigned different needs to different people, in the end, we compared our designs and discussed which elements we would use in the final design. We also found out there was a need for more research so we proposed a new research plan which I helped develop. 

Research proposition & Discussion guide. 

For the new research, I made the research proposition and a discussion guide for the interviews. After this, I started recruiting participants for our in-depth interviews. 


From the multiple interviews we did, I first was participating as a note-taker but in the end, I did the interviewing myself. I recorded all the interviews and got them transcribed for analyzing purposes. 

Insights structure 

After analyzing the interviews we structured the insights and made an overview of the problems and needs for every phase in the customer journey. 

SMB Journey

Finally, I was asked to also design the customer journey. Because I was very much involved as a researcher it was nice to be able to communicate the insights in a creative way to the client. I used a metaphorical road to show what kind of blockades or shortcuts there are during the customer journey. 


Optimized Flow, Navigation & Usabiltiy + UX Research


Terberg Leasing (during internship @  Gradient)

What I Did

UX/UI Design, Information Architecture, Usability Testing, In-depth interviews, customer journey design.

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