Track ‘n Trash

Track ‘N Trash is a multi-purpose application with the main goal of making cleaning schedules digital, dividing and crossing off tasks. While using the application it uses psychology to decrease the time people spent on their mobile phone.



For the project Behavioural Design, I choose the case about the Time well-spent movement with the main goal of reducing screen time. We were free to choose a specific subject or target group.

After research, we narrowed down the target group to students.

Because most of these people live in houses with flatmates we chose to give this our focus, while the application is still intended to encourage users to use their phone less.

Track ‘N Trash tracks the time you and your flatmates spend on your smartphones.  Based on how much time you spend, each flatmate will be given a particular household task. The more time you have spent on your phone the more tedious your task will be.

The users can view their position in the app and will get a push notification if anything changes. They can cross off their tasks and see their weekly updates and statistics.

Final result

For this project, I did a significant amount of research especially in the field of psychology and design principles. Later on, the research continued by finding the right target group who are aware of the problem but don’t know what to do about it.

With multiple interviews and questionnaires, we were able to come up with a concept of how to help these people not only by reducing their screen time, but also providing a handy tool.

With the insights from our research, we improved our concept and added the key features. We started sketching the first designs first in low fidelity and did multiple usability tests. With these new insights, we made high fidelity designs and finally a fully working prototype.

My part was mainly the Research, Concepting, first designs and testing as a UX designer. And in the end, I made the UI design.


Find a way to decrease the time people spent (/waste) on their mobile phone with an application.


Time well spent movement (University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam)

What I did

Research, Concepting, UX, Usability Testing & UI